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WUSA-9 TV RUNS FEATURE ON too apparel & GUEST HOUSE: view here
On Tuesday, Aug. 12, WUSA-TV (CBS) ran a feature story about Too Apparel's help to Guest House clients. Watch it here!
Oprah Tour: FOR DC LEG (sept. 19-20), Giant Food Selects Guest House as a Featured Nonprofit & DONATES $1,000
In late August, Giant Food, Inc., donated $1,000 to Friends of Guest House: one of 11 mid-Atlantic area nonprofits now being promoted in conjunction with the upcoming Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend.Read more
thank you, Northern Virginia Alliance League!
On June 2, the Northern Virginia Alliance League presented a generous gift of $27,500 to Friends of Guest House. … Read more
Old Presbyterian Meeting House Honors Guest House
On April 29, the Old Presbyterian Meeting House held a gala event honoring the 40th anniversary of Friends of Guest House. The church has supported Friends of Guest House almost since our founding. … Read more
Friends of Guest House is delighted to be a charitable partner of Too Apparel's new underwear line. Too will "match" your purchase with a gift of underwear to Guest House clients. … Read more
The Referral Project: An Innovative Way to Help Guest House
If you're buying or selling real estate anyplace nationwide, The Referral Project offers a great way to support Guest House—at no cost to you! … Read more
NYT Editorial: "Second Chance Act Proves Its Worth"
"With corrections costs exceeding $60 billion a year, state and local governments are rightly focused on making sure that newly released prisoners stay out of jail instead of coming back in through a revolving door." (The New York Times, June 27) … Read more
My View: "Do we believe in second chances?"
"We should consider creating more incentives for local employers to hire from the ex-offender population. We also can increase funding for—and donate to—the honorable nonprofit organizations that dedicate themselves to helping ex-offenders." From Burke Brownfeld's three-part series on prisoner re-entry (The Alexandria Times). … Read articles here

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Friends of Guest House helps female ex-offenders in Northern Virginia make the difficult transition from incarceration back into the community.

Friends of Guest House, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) public charity: Federal tax ID #51-0201327. Gifts to Guest House are tax-deductible as provided by law.

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