"Bone Sighs" Inspire the Women of Guest House

AUG. 29, 2013 ...Thank you, Terri St. Cloud of Bone Sigh Arts for donating posters, cards and books to the women of Guest House!

"Offering thoughts, feelings and stories from her journey thru life, Terri St. Cloud creates authentically feminine healing art. Expressed in greeting cards, watercolor prints, books, journals, e-books, audio recordings and even bookmarks and bumper stickers, Terri reminds you in hundreds of ways to honor yourself," according to the Bone Sigh Arts website.

Terri St. Cloud
Terri St. Cloud

Each of Terri's creations is a "bone sigh." As Terri describes them, "they are sighs from my depths, sighs from my very bones"—and they come from Terri's own journey: "Growing up believing that good always won, that the goal was the white picket fence, and that love was easy, it took some life changes, losses and darkness to birth new beliefs. And so the darkness came, shattered my world and knocked me down flat. And when I stood up again, I was facing a new direction and finding a new life as I traveled. I am so deeply grateful to those shatterings. For without those, I would not have had room for this journey I'm on now."

Terri's artwork graces the walls of the Guest House residential facilities as well as the apartments and group homes where our clients live--and her cards and books and other "bone sighs" are greatly appreciated by our clients. "The messages resonate with Guest House clients as they re-enter the community," says Denise Tordella,, M.A., LPC, who is Vice Chair of the Guest House Board.

Bone Sigh products are available at retail locations around the country, including Virginia and Maryland, and online. Visit Bone Sigh Arts at www.bonesigharts.com: there you will find many beautiful products (some are free) as well as an online community of women sharing arts, life experiences and inspiration.






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