Thanks to Jack Taylor’s Alexandria Toyota!

OCT. 26, 2015 ... In August, Guest House received the keys to a brand-new, nine-passenger Toyota Sienna van, donated by Jack Taylor’s Alexandria Toyota. Also helping were donors to June 4’s online fund-raising event, Do More 24, whose $5,000 in contributions served as the new van’s downpayment. And special thanks to our bank representative, BB&T’s Jennifer Ferrara, for letting Jack Taylor know the need was there.

New Guest House van
Jack Taylor's Alexandria Toyota donated the new van to Guest House. "Do More 24" donors provided additional support.

At the van presentation on August 26, John Taylor, the owner’s son, said on behalf of his family, “We are lucky to be able to help out.”

The new van replaces our 2006 Mercury Monterey van, which held just six passengers (plus a driver) and had been heavily used over its life, eventually costing us more than $1,000 per year in maintenance—at a time when we could least afford the funds. We also needed, not just a new van but a larger van, because we now serve twice as many clients as we did when we received the Mercury. Jack Taylor, his dealership family and Do More 24’s donors made the new, right-sized van possible.

The new van will help us transport clients between the main Guest House facility on East Luray Avenue and our satellite Residential Program apartments on Notabene Drive. In addition, we can drive more clients to job interviews, medical appointments and other services that can be hard or impossible—and expensive—to reach via public transportation. Finally, our staff and volunteers will use the vehicle for food bank dispersals, help with move-in’s and donation acquisition, mobile outreach to vulnerable unhoused populations and more.

Jack Taylor and family, Do More 24 and Jennifer Ferrara—on behalf of the women of Guest House, thanks again!

View the Del Ray Patch’s coverage here.

View the presentation video here.

View the Do More 24 fund-raising video here. OF NOTE: Guest House commissioned Rich Daniel to create the video, but that, too, involved our extended family of supporters—Paul Haire, owner of Your Dog's Best Friends (and major donor, and valued employer of ex-offenders from Guest House and elsewhere), thought up the "van-less passengers" concept as a funny but effective way to drive home the need. Thanks, Paul!




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