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Friends of Guest House welcomes media inquiries—about incarcerated/re-entering women's issues or our work specifically. MEDIA CONTACT: 703-549-8072 or

Guest House publications | recent

> Guest House fact sheet (PDF, 293 KB)
> Guest House brochure (PDF, 235 KB)
> Guest House • 1974-2014 • Celebrating 40 years! handout (PDF, 952 KB)

Guest House newsletters:
> April 2016 eNews (PDF, 337 KB)
> February 2016 eNews (PDF, 138 KB)
> Fall 2015 eNews (PDF, 316 KB)
> Spring 2015 eNews (PDF, 360 KB)

Please contact us to obtain hard copies of any of those publications.

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Guest House videos | recent

> Visit our new YouTube channel (2015)—and subscribe! "Meet" Guest House clients, volunteers and supporters; view topical videos; and more.
> "Deputy Labor Secretary Chris Lu volunteers at Guest House": Jan. 15, 2016. (3:10)
> "2015 Aftercare Graduation: 'You Have Become a New Woman' ": Highlights from the Oct. 17 event (6 min.).
> "MEET OUR CLIENTS: Jenny": "Don't give up ..." (5:07).
> "Jack Taylor Toyota: Thanks for the Van!": A great donation event! (3:33)
> "Friends of Guest House": Inside the Guest House experience (6 min.).
> "We Need a Van!": We really do! And this short video, created by Rich Daniels for the 2015 Do More 24 online fundraiser, shows why—and how to help.
> Our 2013 expansion: Short clips—
• "28 More Women" - introduction by Kari Galloway, Executive Director (1:20)
• "28 More Women" - public service announcement (0:57)

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independent media coverage | recent

> Read.Think.Act. (Blog, July 31, 2017): "Women Behind Bars Returning to the Community – Friends of Guest House," by Catherine Read
> Catalogue for Philanthropy Greater Washington
(Blog, Mar. 22, 2017): "Making Positive Life Changes at Friends of Guest House"
(Jan.-Feb. 2017): A three-part series focusing on prisoner reentry in Northern Virginia:
Part I: Employment and housing prove to be major hurdles. "You have to find that one person who will give you a chance," said Guest House graduate, Terry Garrett, who's featured in the story.
Part II: Prisoner Reentry: Some Solutions. Local programs, services help ex-offenders. Friends of Guest House is one of those local programs.
Part III: The Journey to the Other Side of the Street in Arlington. Lavonne Williams' journey from "homeless ex-offender" to small business owner.
> Alexandria Gazette Packet (June 8, 2016): "Alexandria Commentary: Returning Citizen or Just Plain Citizen? Returning After Incarceration." Terry was born and raised in Alexandria. Most of her children went to school here, much of her family lives here, she pays taxes here—yet in terms of basic civil rights, until this April, she remained an unrecognized member of the community. So where is the perspective? When is "former inmate" going to become "citizen"?
> Mother Jones (May 24, 2016): "The Virginia GOP Is Trying to Keep These Two Women—and 206,000 Like Them—From Voting in November." Guest House graduates Jenny McDaniel and Terry Garrett, "these two women," share their thoughts: "I follow the laws, so give me my damn rights," asserts Jenny.
> The Washington Post (May 4, 2016): "Virginia is finally giving felons like me the right to vote. We deserve it." By Terry Garrett.
> CBS Radio - Local (Feb. 20, 2016): "Washington Report." Host Stevie Bridgewaters profiles Guest House, interviewing Executive Director Kari Galloway and Terry Garrett, a graduate. Stevie also shares her own story: her sister's addiction, her sister's son's incarceration and how the whole family is affected. A lively discussion!
> The Washington Post (Feb. 17, 2016): "Arlington’s nonprofits prove cost effective and collaborative, report says." "... organizations save the county money in addition to bringing in revenue. The cost of incarcerating one person for a year is at least $25,000 in Virginia, for example. But Guest House, a post-release transition program, costs $12,500 for one woman for one year." Read ACHSO report here
> National Journal (Jan. 29, 2016): "A Prison of Her Own: One woman’s plight to deal with trauma and mental illness landed her behind bars repeatedly, like scores of others trapped in the system without proper care." Guest House graduate Terry Garrett's story.
> (Jan. 14, 2016): "Labor Dept Deputy Secretary Doing MLK Day of Service in Alexandria." The Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor, Christopher Lu, came to Friends of Guest House to lead a Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service event on Friday, Jan. 15, 2016.

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Guest House news & features | recent

> Standing Ovation for Terry Garrett: Guest House Graduate and Restore-the-Vote Activist, Special Guest of Governor at 2017 State of the Commonwealth Address (Jan. 11, 2017)
> Friends of Guest House Selected As a 2016 Nonprofit Partner by Giving Circle of HOPE (Jan. 4, 2017)
> "You Have What It Takes: Meet Jenny": Work hard and you'll succeed. Right? That's right. Unless you've been incarcerated, as Jenny found out most painfully. (April 28, 2016)
> Celebrate! Virginia Restores the Vote & Other Civil Rights to Ex-Felons (April 22, 2016)
HEADS UP! Saturday, Feb. 27 ~ 2:00 p.m.: Friendly Rewinders Playback Theatre's “CRTL + ALT + DEL: Stories of Restarting and Remembering.” Attend, enjoy & support Guest House. Attendance info here.
> "The Terry Who's Striving": Terry, Guest House graduate and speaker, has walked a hard road. But today, "People don't see the Terry I used to be. They see the Terry who's striving—for her voter rights back and for a driver's license—being a mom, a grandmother—being an addict in recovery." (Feb. 24, 2016)

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Incarceration & re-entry issues | recent

> The New York Times (Nov. 25, 2016): "Mothers in Prison." "Of all America’s various policy missteps in my lifetime, perhaps the most catastrophic was mass incarceration. … [and] we have continued to increase the number of women behind bars." In-depth story by Nicholas Kristof.
(Nov. 16, 2016): "Restored Virginians from all walks of life go to the polls as full citizens again," including Guest House graduate Terry Garrett. Gov. Terry McAuliffe worked tirelessly throughout 2016 to restore rights to Virginia's ex-felons. Read these moving stories, collected on the governor's website. Among them is Terry Garrett's story.
> Huffington Post
(Oct. 13, 2016): "Former Inmates Turn Trash Into Treasure At This Sustainable Nonprofit": Refoundry. Story and video about this innovative nonprofit.
> The Washington Post (Aug. 22, 2016): "McAuliffe restores voting rights to 13,000 felons"
> Huffington Post (Aug. 17, 2016): "Women In Jail Are Fastest Growing Segment Of America’s Incarcerated Population." "In 1970, there were fewer than 8,000 women in American jails. By 2014, that number had skyrocketed to nearly 110,000—making women in jails the fastest growing segment of America’s incarcerated population." Source: 2016 report by the Vera Institute of Justice & the Safety and Justice Challenge. Download full report (PDF 2.3 MB) or fact sheet (PDF 217 KB).
> (July 22, 2016): Governor McAuliffe's statement in response to the Virginia Supreme Court's ruling overturning his April 22 order restoring the rights of more than 200,000 Virginians. Statement here.
> Upworthy (May 19, 2016): "He was an inmate. Now he's a Ph.D., and he wants to pay it forward."
> The Washington Post (May 4, 2016): "Justice Dept. agency to alter its terminology for released convicts, to ease reentry"
> (April 22, 2016): "Governor McAuliffe Restores Voting and Civil Rights to Over 200,000 Virginians." Read the governor's news release and text of the Executive Order.
> Daily Kos (Feb. 9, 2016): "The Maryland legislature just gave 40,000 people the right to vote"; read legislation's details and history at NYU School of Law's Brennan Center for Justice (March 10, 2016).

> An enlightening video:

Mass Incarceration video

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